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Customs stops salary of Appraiser Zahoor on long absence

KARACHI: The Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) of Appraisement-East has initiated disciplinary action against MCC Appraiser Zahoor Ahmed Kansi for not showing up on work for a long time and stopped issuance of his salary. Sources told Customs Today that the Zahoor Ahmed Kansi, an appraiser at MCC of Appraisement-East, had remained absent from work for an extended period of time ... Read More »

Trading of Vohra Co at KSE to remain suspended for 60 days

KARACHI: Trading in shares of Javed Omer Vohra and Company at the Karachi Stock Exchange would remain suspended for 60 days from Friday. According to Notice No. KSE/N-5131 dated October 15 issued by GM and Chief Compliance Officer Karachi Stock Exchange Abbas Mirza, the decision to suspend trading in the shares of the company has been taken because the company ... Read More »

Petition by Najam Hameed remains unheard due to strike at SHC

KARACHI: The Constitution Petition of the Superintendent Preventive Services Najam Hameed challenging his suspension remained unheard by a division bench of Sindh High Court on Wednesday due to lawyers strike against the killing of their colleague. The Court had suspended impugned notification dated September 12 till October 15 on application filed by petitioner Najam Hameed on September 26. The petitioner Najam Hameed ... Read More »

Port Qasim improving quality of assessment: Collector Surriya Butt

KARACHI:  Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Port Muhammad Bin Qasim has geared up efforts to improve the quality of assessment and to monitor its impact on the revenue collection. Collector MCC-PQBM Surriya Butt will be chairing the first meeting in this regard on Friday to share the revenue collection efforts of each of assessment group and section during the first the ... Read More »

Tea seizure case remains undecided despite lapse of over four years

  KARACHI: A trader is still hoping to get justice for having a tea consignment seized by the Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation during a raid in Karachi four-and-half years ago. According to the appellant’s counsel Ch Muhammad Rafiq, who pleaded the case before the Customs Appellate Tribunal counsel for the umpteenth time here, the I&I seized 150 gunny ... Read More »

Auction of cars, motorcycles on Oct 27

KARACHI: Regional Tax Office Bahawalpur will hold an open auction of  government cars on as-and-where-it-is basis at its office building located at 21-A Sarwar Shaeed Road, Model Town at 1:00 pm on July 27. In all a total of 12 government vehicles, one car and 11 motorcycles would be put up for the auction. The vehicles to be put up ... Read More »

False refund claims to result in penalty: Collector Memon

KARACHI: The Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) of Exports, Collector Manzoor Hussain Memon, through a notice, has warned that false or misstated undertaking would not only result in the recovery of the duty drawback claim by exporters but also in the initiation of penal action against the claimant under Section 32(1) and (2) of the Customs Act, 1969. According to a ... Read More »

4 oil vessels expected at Karachi Port today

KARACHI: A general cargo vessel and four oil tankers, including an oil tanker ship are expected to arrive at Karachi Port Trust on Tuesday. Amber Alena, a general cargo vessel, is carrying imported steel cargo of 28,262 tons and oil tanker ship Histria Agata is loaded with 27,000 tons of mogas imports. Oil tankers Admore Centurios and Bon Atlantico, were ... Read More »

Customs to move SC against SHC verdict in 24 mixture trucks case

  KARACHI: The legal branch of Pakistan Customs will approach Supreme Court to challenge the Sindh High Court verdict which granted release of 24 mixture trucks. FBR sources told Customs Today that the increasing misuse of mixture trucks has become a cause of great concern for the Customs authorities. The government has allowed the import of used mixture trucks to ... Read More »

Revision of valuation ruling of formic acid, tiles on 21st

KARACHI: The Directorate General of Valuation would take up the issue pertaining to the revision of the valuation ruling of formic acid and tiles on October 21 and that of printing ink on October 28. The meetings are scheduled to be held at the Director Chamber at 10:30am and 11am on October 21 at the Customs House. The meeting for ... Read More »

Appraisement-East collects Rs 178 million additional revenue in Q1

KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement-East collected additional revenue of Rs 70.15 million in September through administrative measures pushing cumulative revenue collection under the same head during the first quarter ended September 30 to Rs 178.26 million. A letter dated October 10 sent to Secretary (Customs Budget), FBR, Islamabad, read that the collectorate collected Rs 70.15 million revenue through administrative ... Read More »

Weekly holidays to stretch Eid vacation to ‘long slumber’

KARACHI: In one of his couplets, famous poet Urfi says, “Though the night has passed there is dawn making it appear as if the night has set in again.” This seems to be the most apt poetic description of the extended Eid holidays stretching into an over week-long vacation with the addition of two weekly holidays. The government had announced three ... Read More »

Appraisement-East collects Rs 3.18 billion during 9 days of Oct

KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement-East collected Rs 3,189 million during the first nine days of October. Though the Appraisement-East managed to achieve just 53 percent of Rs 6.06 billion target during the first nine days it has exceeded the cumulative July, August, September plus nine October days target of Rs 54.86 billion by three percent. Of the Rs 3.18 ... Read More »

Collector Najeeb Abbasi attends Eid get-together

 KARACHI: An Eid get-together party was held at Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement-East on Friday. MCC of Appraisement-East Collector Najeeb R Abbasi attended the party along with his core team. According to sources, chief collectors and a number of other collectors were also present. Sources said that the Eid get-together was held during early first half of the day.     Read More »

Appraisement-East exceeds Q1 revenue, gears up to achieve Oct target

KARACHI: The Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement-East gears up to meet the assigned monthly revenue target of Rs 18.81 billion during October. It is given a target to collect Rs 4.80 billion customs duty (CD); Rs 10.53 billion sales tax (ST); Rs 3.30 billion withholding tax (WHT) and Rs 170.43 million federal excise duty (FED) in October. Despite being unable ... Read More »

Valuation ruling of lead acid batteries to be revised on 16th

KARACHI: The Directorate General of Valuation would take up the issue pertaining to the revision of the valuation ruling of MF lead acid automotive batteries and lead acid batteries on October 16. The meeting to take up the issue pertaining to the revision of MF lead acid automotive batteries will be held at the Director’s Chamber at 10:30am on October ... Read More »

 Shahidul Hasan Chattha assumes charge of Commissioner Appeal-IV Lahore  

KARACHI: Shahidul Hasan Chattha (BS-20), officer of Inland Revenue Service, has assumed the charge of commissioner (Appeal-IV), Lahore with effect from October 9 in pursuance of notification No. 1978-IR-I/2014. The charge assumption notification was issued by Secretary (Mgt-IR-I), Government of Pakistan (Revenue Division) Muhammad Majid. A charge relinquishment notification, No. 1977-IR-I/2014, issued by Secretary (Mgt-IR-I), Government of Pakistan (Revenue Division) ... Read More »

800 tanneries to make leather from millions of raw skins

KARACHI: The leather industry of Pakistan gears up to meet the challenges of its peak season of the year- the season driven by sacrifices of millions of cows, goat and sheep as ordained in Islam. Over 800 tanneries of all shapes and sizes across the country, a little more than 25 percent of which are members of Pakistan Tanners Association, ... Read More »

3 ships at outer anchorage of Port Qasim

KARACHI: Three vessels, two carrying imported rapeseed and palm oil cargoes and the third with containers are at outer anchorage of Port Qasim. Hong Kong flag carrier M.V. Roscho carrying 57,000 tons of imported rapeseed cargo arrived on the first of this month while Singaporean flag carrier M.T- Horizion, which arrived on the 6th of this month, is carrying 29,745 ... Read More »

Balancing trade facilitation & regulatory control is top KCCA priority

KARACHI: Listing achieving an appropriate balance between trade facilitation and regulatory control as his top priority, the President of Karachi Customs Agents Association Qamar Alam has said that his association would do its best to help government achieve this critical balance. Customs agents play an important role serving as link between the business community and the various government authorities and ... Read More »