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Lebanon arrests 5 customs agents over theft

BEIRUT: Five employees at the customs department were arrested on the order of Lebanese Financial Prosecutor Judge Dani Shebli involved in bribery and embezzlement. Said B., Ali K., Ibrahim M., Mahmoud S. and Mona S. were charged with stealing money they had collected from customs fees, and with fabricating fake documents to conceal their crimes, the NNA said. They were ... Read More »

Technology changes social networks in few decades

BIRMINGHAM: Events and event planning are evolving into new, dynamic formats. Old models are falling away and technology is giving both planners and event participants an opportunity to grow and revisit the underlying ideas about how event spaces work. It seems pretty obvious to most observers that our social networks have changed in the past few decades thanks to technology. ... Read More »

Ebola threat closes schools in Liberia

DUBLIN: Faculties in Liberia had been closed considering the fact that July because the United States of America has confronted a lethal Ebola outbreak that, up to now, has killed just about 3000 individuals. With 1.four million college-aged youngsters presently without get entry to to schooling, tech developer Rumie is hoping to assist children proceed their training through sending 200 ... Read More »

Mexican Customs frees former US Marine

MEXICO CITY: Mexican Customs frees a smuggler named Andrew Paul, 26, an American veteran of the war in Afghanistan who left the U.S marines in 2012, had been held in Mexico since March 31. “Today, Andrew Paul Tahmooressi, was declared freed, immediately and absolutely,” according to the decision. After agents discovered three guns in his pick-up truck, he was charged ... Read More »

Container van with traces of cocaine seized in Canada

OTTAWA: “Maersk Vancouver aware us that this van was the same container van stripped by the Canadian Customs from almost a year. It was Kaya nga nagstay yung” said BOC Special Agent II Leonard Goerge Carillo, during a media interview. He said; the Davao Bureau of Customs (BOC) confirmed Friday that the container van that was found to have traces ... Read More »

Australian Customs eases services for travelers

CANBERRA: Australian Customs Department introduces advancement in its Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) and New Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) mobile and web applications for travelers that will help facilitate faster refund claims for Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Wine Equalization Tax (WET) The TRS application is the first mobile application to be released by the Service. Information entered ... Read More »

Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia vow to combat crime

Hong Kong Customs to further enhance collaboration with Australia and New Zealand counterpart HONG KONG: In a meeting with officials of New Zealand Customs Service (NZCS) In Auckland and Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) in Canberra, Mr. Cheung reached on agreements with two authorities to combat transitional crimes especially drug trafficking activities and emerging challenges brought about by ... Read More »

One more Culprit bamboozles New Zealand Customs

WELLINGTON: One more drug hawker managed to escapes the country by taking advantage of prison release. Kris Willoughby served less than two years being a drug hawker and then was released from Mt Eden Corrections Facility7 in late September.    He legally obtained a passport and flew to Australia late last month. All offenders are subject to a form of ... Read More »

Libya activists put their hands off Qatari Ships

TRIPOLI: The civilian activists apprehended the ship as soon as it had anchored at the port in protest against Qatar’s policies. However the activists released the ship after Libya’s house of Representatives and the Local Council in Brega arbitrated, said Mohamed Al-Maghrabi, the head of Customs section at east port. Al-Maghrabi quoted the protesters as vowing to seize any Qatari ... Read More »

WhatsApp text messages now more secure than ever

MEXICO: WhatsApp encryption text secure, now your WhatsApp text messages are more secure than ever, as per reported from last week messages send from WhatsApp android mobile users has been encrypted by default due to partnership agreement with Open Whisper System is a nonprofit software development company. Eventually end to end encryptions will make it possible for sender or receiver ... Read More »

Silicon Valley lukewarm to Obama’s Immigration Reform moves

SAN FRANCISCO — Silicon Valley’s constant stream of new apps and services depends on hundreds of thousands of foreign-born engineers to help create them. So the technology industry has been pushing for changes to the nation’s immigration policy for more than a decade to allow more skilled workers into the country. President Obama’s executive action on immigration last week falls ... Read More »

Apple’s virtual reality ambitions tipped in new job listing

Connecticut: Virtual reality is a new but growing segment and a recent job posting from Apple suggests the company’s intention to explore the segment.  What is clear, though, is Apple is starting to get serious about virtual reality. More specifically, Apple is looking for app developers to build user interfaces and “high performance apps that integrate with Virtual Reality systems ... Read More »

New Zealand fugitive deported from Brazil

WELLINGTON: A fugitive killer named Phillip John Smith from New Zealand who fled to Brazil on a temporary release from jail was deported from the South American Country. New Zealand police said three officers escorted Phillip John Smith onto a plane that left Rio de Janeiro en route to New Zealand. Smith, 40, fled to Brazil using his birth name ... Read More »

Paris Customs returns 250 detained Egyptian antiques

PARIS: Paris Customs Authority has returned 250 detained Egyptian antiques, including amulets, rings, funerary statues and pitchers, which were illegally imported into the country, reported the Foreign Minister Romain Nadal. Amulets, rings, funerary statues and pitchers, dating from 2000 BC to the Roman, Byzantine and Medieval eras were returned to the Egyptian embassy. Foreign ministry spokesman Romain Nadal said the ... Read More »

Italy to help Lebanese Customs to modernise clearance processes

BEIRUT: Italy is providing Lebanese Streamline Customs Department with fully computerised processes thus reducing cost burdens, said the speakers by Lebanese Customs Administration and the Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency. They said that, the twinning project not only sought to improve procedures and control methodologies but also aimed to reduce cost burdens and optimize efficiency. The objective of the twinning ... Read More »

Citizens warned in Turkey not to buy Chinese shoes containing perilous chemicals

ISTANBUL: 33,000 Chinese shoes packed in five semi-trailer trucks containing perilous chemicals, which had been lost in Istanbul’s customs have reached to the market. However the customs department was unable to figure it out. According to officials, Turkish customs decided not to permit the import of shoes from China as of Aug. 24 of this year, and to destroy those ... Read More »

Tussle between Workers Union, Pacific Martime Association affects key exports in California

CALIFORNIA: Many of the state’ key exports including apples, potatoes, hay, Christmas trees and other agricultural products have held for a long time at West Coast Ports because of the arguments going on between The International Long Shore Workers Union and the Pacific Maritime Association. Since Halloween weekend, when longshoremen in Tacoma and Seattle began slowing the handling of imports ... Read More »

China investing $45 billion on Gwadar Pipeline Project

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and China have signed an agreement as an alternative of the conflicted gas import project with Iran which includes a multibillion-dollar worth LNG pipeline and terminal deal. “The agreement was signed during Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to China. It is a state-to-state deal and no bidding will be held for the award of contract,” an official told ... Read More »

Empty containers easing up at Manila Port

PHILIPPINES: The problems of empty container storage in Manila Port have started slithering as significant improvements have been made in empty positioning by trucks, new systems from the Association of International Shipping Lines have been formed and the opening of a new container deport (ECD) at the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT). This was announced by Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras. ... Read More »

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