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ASO seizes Rs 61 million smuggled goods in October

ASO seizes Rs 61 million smuggled goods in October

Customs official says Collector of Customs Preventive Mukaram Jah has framed zero-tolerance policy against smuggling


LAHORE: The Anti-Smuggling Organisation (ASO) has seized Rs 61 million smuggled and non-customs paid goods in 12 cases in October FY 2014-15 against Rs 19 million in 27 cases in the same period of the corresponding year.

In addition the anti-smuggling unit also seized Rs 22.5 million contraband goods and investigation is underway in this regard. The market value of both the seized and detained goods and articles exceeds Rs 150 million which included one mega seizure of curtain cloth of Rs 55 million, an official said.

The seizure of the curtain cloth is said to be a wonderful job done by the ASO.

Sources said that the illegal transportation of the curtain cloth on such a huge scale was damaging the business activities of the genuine businessmen and ultimately inflicting heavy losses to the national exchequer.

The Customs Investigation and Prosecution Department has lodged a first information report (FIR) and initiated investigation to curb the smuggling of the curtain cloth in the future.

Seeking anonymity, a customs official told Customs Today that Collector of Customs Preventive Mukaram Jah has framed a zero-tolerance policy against the smuggling activities in the city which is resulting in major seizures and detention in this regard.

He said that the collector was guiding the ASO officials in periodical meetings to eradicate smuggling. Jah has instructed them to come hard on the smugglers without any exception.

According to details, during October the ASO seized 400 bags of red chillies, 10 bundles of jersey ceramics cloth and 122,982 kg worth Rs 55 million.

Similarly, the ASO seized truck tyres worth Rs 50,000 and 152 cartons of toiletries worth Rs 1.5 million.

In other four cases, the ASO confiscated 1,200 kg of permeate powder, 1400 kg of whey powder, 178 car tyres and 370 bags of plastic bags.

The ASO also seized 740 plastic granule bags, steel coils of 16,000 kg along with a truck, perfumes along with two Suzuki pickups and 20 Mazda trucks for body tax.

The non-customs paid goods were being transported by carrier vehicles including GLT-5350, MDXA-267, JY-4448, LHO-8040, RLC-2358, LSE-6749, LSE-3738 and LES-5553.

The seizures and detentions were undertaken on the instructions of Collector of Customs Preventive Mukaram Jah under the supervision of Deputy Collector of Customs Shafiqur Rehman and Mumtaz Ajmal Mian.

The inspectors who played a vital role in confiscating the smuggled items are Khalid Butt, Shahid Bhatti, Javed Iqbal, Irfan Mumtaz, Mazhar and Saleem.