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ASO confiscates smuggled goods worth Rs71m in 20 days of June

ASO confiscates smuggled goods worth Rs71m in 20 days of June

KARACHI: Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) of the Regional Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation, Karachi has seized smuggled goods in 12 cases worth Rs 71,084,643 in 20 days of June in which duty/taxes involved of Rs 27,012,056.

The Anti-Smuggling Organization, Karachi confiscated 16 Birla brand tyres and tubes of size 11.00-20 PR20 on June 1, imported from India. The consignment was worth Rs 310,400 while Rs 161,160 duties/taxes were involved in it.

ASO has also seized 46 cartons of Indian gutka worth Rs 1,840,000 on June 2. It has also seized 316 tyres of size 155/70 R12 73S manufactured by Yokohama, Dunlop and Bridgestone and being imported from Japan and Indonesia on June 5. The worth of seized smuggled goods was Rs 577,388 while Rs 336,300 duties/taxes were involved in it.

ASO with its continuing efforts seized smuggled goods on June 7 including 404 new tyres HTV F/O worth Rs 12,120,000 in which Rs 3,991,116 duties/taxes were involved; 579 used LTV F/O tyres worth Rs 2,895,000 in which Rs 1,503,084 duties/taxes were involved and 700 solar lamps worth Rs 500,000 in which Rs 322,900 duties/taxes were involved. The ASO has also lodged an FIR against the culprits after the seizure report.

It has seized 25 bags of smuggled black pepper worth Rs 317,125 on June 9 in which Rs 104,429 duties/taxes involved.

ASO has also seized cloth of foreign origin (1900 kilograms) worth Rs 836,000 on the same date in which Rs 381,132 duties/taxes were involved.

Similarly, on June 9, ASO seized two different smuggled consignments including 516 bags of Kenyan black tea worth Rs 17,065,800 where Rs 381,132 duties/taxes were involved. It has also seized 16,000 litres of HSD worth Rs 1,304,000 in which Rs 491,760 duties/taxes were involved. An Isuzu oil tanker (registration number TTA-883, Chassis No.3542603 and Engine No.430523) costing Rs 1,200,000 has also been seized. FIR has been lodged in both the cases.

On June 12, ASO made two seizures in which 1250 invertors of 1200VA and 2400VA, Mercury brand imported from China worth Rs 5,124,480 have been confiscated. The duties/taxes of Rs 2,011,871 were involved. ASO also seized smuggled cosmetics items including 1,410 pieces of perfumes, 34 pieces of eye-shadow and 24 packets of nail polishes worth Rs 1,275,000. The duties/taxes of Rs 823,395 were involved.

ASO confiscated a new auto rickshaw engine worth Rs 1,000,000 on June 13. Duties/taxes of Rs 480,000 were involved in it.

ASO seized 696 bags of smuggled Kenyan black tea worth Rs 24,719,500 on June 15. Duties/taxes worth Rs 9,704,876 were involved. An FIR had been lodged in the said case.

In charge of ASO Haji Muhammad Aslam informed Customs Today that the entire team of Anti-Smuggling Organization while following the directives of Director General Intelligence and Investigation Customs Luftullah Virk is determined to eliminate the smuggling activities and to increase the volume of national exchequer.

“The 12 seizure cases in just 20 days of June in which hefty revenue is generated, is an open proof of the efforts being made by the ASO, DI&I, Karachi,” he added.