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Archaeologists discover 1,000,000 mummies in Egypt

SUEZ: A group of archaeologists from Brigham Young University exposed a very old graveyard in Egypt. The graveyard has more than million of mummies buried underneath. The graveyard is named as Fag el-Gamous means “Way of the Water Buffalo”.
After 30 years of digging, the archeologists were managed to complete their task.
The graveyard length estimated is 300 acres and may have million burials, say Project Director Kerry Muhlestein.
According to the archaeologists, the discovered bodies are not mummies in true sense.
According to Egyptians’ tradition of mummification most of the internal organ of the corpse like stomach, brain and intestines were removed but not heart.
The dead body was then preserved by using different salts and oils. After the preservation, the corpse was swaddled from toe to head and placed in sarcophagus or a stone coffin.
The corpses found at Fag el-Gamous were embalmed naturally like mummies because of the arid environment of the deserts of the Egypt.
According to the archeologist Muhlestein, this mummification is false.
Muhlestein suggested mummies were buried with their luxuries but the one found at Fag el-Gamous didn’t show sign of royalty. This normal burial made archeologists to think that they were average people.
Despite that some of them were wearing bracelets on their wrists. Some glass pieces and linen were also found with the corpses.
The team of Muhlestein estimated that the mummies were dated between 1st and 7th century A.D. At that time, Egypt was ruled by Roman Empire according to the historians.
A male mummy was also discovered which has 7 feet height. Despite that the blonde’s hair mummies were buried in one particular area and some which were red headed was buried in another area. Archaeologists believed that the families or genetic groups were firmly buried together.

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