Wednesday , October 28 2020
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Appraisement East distributes work among ADCs, deputy & assistant collectors

KARACHI: Collectorate of Customs Appraisement East has issued notification for distribution of work among following additional collectors assistant collectors and deputy collectors with immediate effect and until further orders:-

  1. Yaseen Murtaza, Additional Collector-II, Group-III-V-VI-VIII, Hqrs & R&D, law, MIS, Prime Minister’s Citizen’s Portal, laboratory, FTA Cell, classification committee, all Board’s & CC office correspondence, revenue analysis & strategy.
  2. Afzaal Ahmad Wattoo, Additional Collector-II, Examination & auction, at all Wharves, off-dock terminals, all allied subject. User-ID, PRV, adjudication (ADC-level).
  3. Shakir Muhammad, Additional Collector-III, Group-I-II-VI, One Customs, Warehousing, audit (external & internal) recovery, FTO, refund, securities & DTRE.
  4. Ms. Maleeka Jafri, Assistant CPF/WH, Hqrs, R&D, revenue analysis, PM Portal, secretary classification committee.
  5. Anees Ali Syed, Assistant Collector, Group-I, law-II & FTO-II.
  6. Ms. Fareeha Afzal, Assistant Collector, Group-II, FTO-I, refund.
  7. Amanullah Khan Tareen, Deputy Collector, Group-III, law-I, adjudication, (DC-level) recovery cell & officer, audit.
  8. Ali Asad, Deputy Collector, Group-IV, MIS-I, pre-refund audit and FTA cell.
  9. Usman Hameed Butt, Assistant Collector, Group-V, PRV, DR for the case before Appellate Tribunal.
  10. M. Bakht Jamshaid Baryar, Assistant Collector, Group-VI, User-ID, laboratory & DTRE.
  11. Shahzad Ali, Assistant Collector, Group-VII & VII, MIS-II, & securities section.
  12. Akmal Shahzad Durrani, SAPT & NLCCT, examination & auction.
  13. Shakeel Ahmed, Assistant Collector, PICT, Pak Shaheen, East Wharf, examination & auction, timber pond, TPX & inter port movement.
  14. Gulzar Ali Aro, Chief Account Officer
  15. Muslim Murtaza, AVP branch manager, NBP branch code (0007)
  16. Arshad Hussain, Senior Manager Operation (WeBOC)
  17. Principal appraiser, revire hall
  18. Shahid Hassan, CHO
  19. Zaki ur Rab Khan, AO admin
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