Saturday , October 31 2020
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Appraisement East distributes work among 9 principal appraisers

KARACHI: Collectorate of Customs Appraisement East Assistant Collector Headquarters Shahzad Ali has issued office order for distribution of work among following principal appraisers with immediate effect and until further orders:-

  1. Principal Appraiser Ashiq Ali Memon work assigned at Group-I, HQs, securities section.
  2. Principal Appraiser Asad Masood work assigned at Group-III & VII, refund.
  3. Principal Appraiser Najamul Hasan Jamali assigned work at Group-II, One Customs & adjudication PA level.
  4. Principal Appraiser Muhammad Suhail Jamali assigned work at auction (SAPT, NLCCT).
  5. Principal Appraiser Amir Nasir Ali assigned work at Group-VI, audit (internal & external), recovery, pre-refund, audit.
  6. Principal Appraiser Shahrukh Akhlaq Siddiqui assigned work at R&D, revenue analysis.
  7. Principal Appraiser Junaid Malik, Group-IV, PRV & warehousing
  8. Principal Appraiser Noor Alam Durrani assigned work at Group-VIII, law, DTRE & FTO.
  9. Principal Appraiser Abdul Shakoor, assigned work at auction (PICT & East Wharf).


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