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Apple Watch 2 release date to lag behind that of Apple Watch S?

NEW YORK: There a slew of conflicting rumors about the Apple Watch 2 and the most recent one even points toward it only arriving during 2017, and a device with “S” tacked on releasing in June or September of this year.

First off, Wearable points to a rumor about the Apple Watch 2 and indicates that according to it the Apple Watch 2 will have a thinner case. This particular rumor arrived courtesy of Brian White who works as an analyst in Wall Street. He also went on to elaborate that the Apple Watch 2 will arrive not in September with the new iPhone 7 but during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is scheduled to take place in June of this year.

Other rumors, meanwhile, point toward the Apple Watch 2 only arriving in September. This has been backed up by suppliers who have been contracted to manufacture components for the device, and according to them, the earliest the device will arrive is sometime during the second half of this year. Since these suppliers have just been contracted to manufacture the components, there is no way that it can be released anytime before WWDC or during September when the iPhone 7 launches.

Meanwhile, another set or rumors points toward the Apple Watch 2 being pushed to next year. According to it, Apple is planning an Apple Watch S and it will have minimal design changes. This particular rumor was picked up by Apple Insider when it was floated by Ming-Chi Kuo an analyst who works for KGI Securities. According to him, the internal components in the Apple Watch 2 will be changed significantly and it will have a bigger battery and a display that can be seen easily when the device is used outdoors. If these rumors come out true, it could mean that Apple is planning to update the Apple Watch in the same manner as it does with the iPhone lineup with “S” models.

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