Thursday , December 3 2020
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Anti-smuggling wing, AFU seize smuggled items worth over Rs16m

Anti-smuggling wing, AFU seize smuggled items worth over Rs16m

KARACHI: The Anti-Smuggling Wing of the Model Customs Collectorate of Preventive under the vibrant leadership of Collector Syed Muhammad Tariq Huda has seized the smuggling goods/contraband items worth Rs 15, 619,475. It includes non duty paid goods having evaded duties/taxes of Rs 3,364,384. While the Air Freight Unit (AFU) of MCC-Preventive has made 16 seizures worth Rs 1,038,192 at Jinnah International Airport during the previous month.

Anti smuggling wing of MCC-Preventive has seized 110 kg of Charas worth Rs 6,600,000; 2,500 kg of rice (expired) and one TEU container with registration number FLXU-201323-9 valued at Rs 200,000. FIR under CNS Act-1997 has been lodged against the culprits.

The anti-smuggling wing has also seized 62,400 pouches of contraband items including 2 PP bundles containing 6 bags, 520 packets of Pan Parag and 61,880 pouches of One-2-One gutka worth Rs 936, 000; 25 PP bundles (18,750 yards) of Sintex Polyester Fabric worth Rs 932, 800; 26 bundles of ladies cloth weighing 1,928 kg (11,736 yards) worth Rs 899, 219; 50 containers (4,950 pieces) of foreign origin Star Track Digital LNB KU Signal Universal, NBU full HD 1080 P Model ST 320 Platinum. It has also confiscated 14 rolls of foreign origin synthetic carpets worth Rs 389, 995.

The anti-smuggling wing has also confiscated 30 PP bundles of foreign origin ladies cloth valuing Rs 750, 904; 15 sets of Samsung brand LED TC sets of 40 worth Rs 768, 272.

It has also seized 78 jute bundles containing assorted brand of liquor costing Rs 2,844,000 and 95 cartons containing motorcycle parts worth Rs 308, 285.

AFU has seized smuggled liquor/ beer in 13 cases in which it confiscated 57 bottles of branded liquor costing Rs 57,000 and 12 cans of Beer worth Rs 1,200.

It has also seized a consignment of smuggled mobile phones and mobile phone batteries in which it confiscated 33 cell phones and 33 batteries worth Rs 232, 960 and Rs 3,432 respectively.

AFU has also seized, in 2 cases, smuggled digital cameras, USBs and packing material assorted in which it confiscated 190 digital cameras worth Rs 592,800; 1,400 USB (4GB-8GB) worth Rs 109,200 and assorted packing material worth Rs 41,600.