Tuesday , August 4 2020
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Anti-smuggling management software to help curb movement of smuggled goods: Director Rashid Habib

Anti-smuggling management software to help curb movement of smuggled goods: Director Rashid Habib

PESHAWAR: Director Customs Intelligence and Investigation (I&I) Rashid Habib has said that a software known as “Anti Smuggling Management Software” should be implemented as soon as possible for getting complete profiling of repeated offenders, trends of smuggling and routs of smuggling as this data would assist Customs department in litigation and to curb and understand smuggling trends.

Talking with Customs Today, the Director I&I (Intelligence and Investigation) stressed that uniform of Customs Department should be changed abruptly because uniform of Customs department at airports is similar to few other departments as this change will enhance respect of Customs department, adding that the Customs staff should be well-composed and polite at airports because they have to interact with the world and special training of Customs staff should be conducted in this regard.

Providing details on background of “Anti-Smuggling Management software”, he said that this idea came into his mind during his postings in anti-smuggling, adjudication and other departments, adding that he observed flaws there, for example there was no proper computerized data of anti-smuggling cases. He said in the customs department it is common practice that officials use non-systematic approach for maintaining profiling of vehicles seized under section u/s 157 of Customs Act of 1969 as well as there is no computerized data for customs officials, but using this software officials could obtain information entering its user code to examine the background information regarding offenders.

Rashid Habib told that every Customs Directorate or Collectorate would be integrated as respective staff of Adjudication can check info about offenders, smugglers, goods and seizing staff’s profiles using anti-smuggling management software, adding that Adjudication staff could easily get background information about seized NDP vehicles.

Director I&I Peshawar said there is no meaningful computerized data analysis available, no HS code wise analysis and even no data available which could provide information about routes and modus operandi whereas currently at Customs department no computerized tools and data is available for gauging staff performance. He said that after implementation of Anti Smuggling Management software customs officials can avail all above required information with a single click.

Talking about features of the software, the Director I&I said that anti smuggling software will provide data of lawfully registered vehicles, repeated use vehicles, 800cc to 1000cc vehicles, HS code and analysis of smuggling commodities on the rise or on decline, adding that this data will provide better analysis to Customs collectorates and directorates or even individual mobile squad or check post officials. The software will also provide data of CNICs of drivers, owners or real smugglers of goods or offending or NDP vehicles.

He told that for operating this anti smuggling software a Unique User ID & Password will be provided to each Anti-Smuggling Formation to upload the Seizure Report while Interface is kept exact replica of standardized Seizure Report enabling it to avoid duplication of effort. The Software is capable to identify if a particular vehicle has been seized earlier by a formation of Customs anywhere in the country while it would work as a tool of management as the performance of staff can be gauged by the number of seizures they have affected.

Talking about next phase of anti smuggling software, he said that SWH (state warehouse) will also be added in the Software subsequently although Physical Journey of Seized Goods will also be linked, DA No of goods possessed at SWHs to be for disposed off either through Auction, Release or Destruction, a link of Legal Software will also be added with anti smuggling management software, it will follow Legal Journey of Seized Goods like Adjudication, Appeals, Appellate Tribunal & Superior Courts, the Director I&I Peshawar concluded.