Saturday , September 26 2020
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ANF captures drugs worth Rs4.2b in different raids

ANF captures drugs worth Rs4.2b in different raids

ISLAMABAD: On special directives of ANF DG Major-Gen Khawer Hanif, the ANF has stepped up efforts along western border and captured 4.2 tonnes of narcotics worth amounting to be Rs4.2 billion in international market.

It is to be noted that within a week, the ANF has recovered approximately 11 tonnes of narcotics alone from Balochistan province. According to details, the ANF Quetta conducted a raid near Killi Hajram, Tehsil Gulistan District Qilla Abdullah and recovered 4,204 kgs of Charas. The consignment was concealed in a dumping site in mountainous area for handing over to the next gang. As per intelligence reports, the consignment was to be smuggled to Iran via Mashkhel by next night.

The ANF Quetta raiding party remained at an ambush site close to South-East of Mashkhel, at Iranian Border. The raiding party comprised of 18 individuals. The prolonged stay encompassing night and day hours, made it difficult to disguise the raiding party. However, the Narco-Gang vehicle appeared at the site, but halted at a far distance and opened fire. Resultantly heavy exchange of fire took place between ANF raiding party and Narco-Smugglers. Since no re-enforcement was possible at distant location, so Narco-Smugglers fled away taking advantage of darkness and mountainous terrain. No damage has been reported on both sides.

Meanwhile, the ANF Rawalpindi and ASF staff intercepted 2.8 kgs of heroin from the luggage of passenger Haji Ahmed, son of Nawab Khan, a resident of Tehsil Kharian District Gujrat at Benazir International Airport. He was due to travel to Italy via Doha by Qattar Airways Flight QR-615.

Similarly, the ANF Rawalpindi conducted a raid near airport and recovered 4 kgs of Charas from an identified as Fazalur Rehman s/o Shamur Rehman, a resident of Charsada. Presently the accused was living in Railway Scheme no-1, Rawalpindi.

In another incident, the ANF Rawalpindi nabbed an accused Amjad Ali, son of Ashraf Ali, a resident of Gujrat and recovered 4 kgs of heroin from car parking of Benazir Bhutto International Airport. The accused intended was due to take off to Doha by Qatar Airways Flight 615.

On the other hand, the ANF Lahore arrested two passengers identified as Naseer Ahmed, son of Fazal Mehmood and Muhammad Asim, son of Muhammad Akram at Multan Airport carrying 1.6 kgs of heroin. They were being facilitated by Constable Zafar Iqbal of FIA. The accused was boarding Shaheen Airline flight NL-761 scheduled for Dubai.

Likewise, the ANF Lahore raided a house in Multan and recovered 2 kgs of Charas from accused Mujahid Sattar alias Balo. As per reports he used to supply drugs to addicts.