Sunday , September 27 2020
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AIIB assures support for policy reforms & project financing

AIIB assures support for policy reforms & project financing

ISLAMABAD: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) President Jin Liqun held a meeting with the Federal Minister of Economic Affairs Division (EAD) Hammad Azhar to support projects in power generation and transmission, transport, water supply sectors, information technology and other matter of mutual interest.
During the meeting, Minister for Economic Affairs acknowledged AIIB’s support for Pakistan. Azhar said that the commitments reflect the confidence that the multilaterals hold in the government’s reform agenda and the progress achieved towards economic stabilization, adding that AIIB is a valuable contributor in Pakistan’s development path. The federal minister reiterated that the government is fully committed to improving governance, bring economic reforms and achieve sustainable development.
He added that the government aims to put Pakistan’s economy on the path of sustainable and balanced growth and increase per capita income. He emphasized that AIIB should further scale up its financing for development projects in Pakistan.
“Previous governments were more about building infrastructure. Instant results from constructing any infrastructure give you instant votes. However, this government is more focused on social sector development. Human Development Index (HDI) was already slipping away from our hands. Any investment in social sector development yields results after ages. We are hopeful to see positive results in future”, says Azhar.
AIIB President while appreciating the reforms initiatives of the current government, and committed to extending support to Pakistan.
Jin Liqun stated that AIIB is one of the leading development partners of Pakistan. AIIB fully supports the government’s development vision and policies. He expressed that AIIB is providing its support for policy reforms and project financing in the key priority areas such as energy, road, social sector, water and irrigation, and urban services. He also reiterated AIIB’s strong commitment to further strengthening and expanding its partnership with Pakistan.
Muhammad Hammad Azhar thanked AIIB for extending its continuous support to the Government of Pakistan in its efforts to achieve sustainable economic development in the country.