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Adjudication Collector Seema seeks details of pending cases

ISLAMABAD: Model Customs Collectorate Adjudication Collector Seema Raza Bukhari has written a letter to the additional collector and deputy collector asking them for details of pending cases especially that of October.
The purpose behind this is to adopt a reasonable strategy for the speedy solution of cases. The cases involving high amounts will be solved on a priority basis. Collector Seema has taken charge recently and wants to review every case to ensure that verdicts are given on merit.
She has also started studying the laws in the form of SROs. The adjudication collector wants the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to review and explain SROs as she has noticed that some laws need further explanation like SRO-182, which is related to bank guarantees. She has already written a letter to the FBR in this regard, but the latter has not been replied so far. It is expected that the adjudication collector will write more letters to the FBR until necessary amendments are made.

Adjudication Collector Seema FBR Model Customs Collectorate Pending cases 2014-11-13
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