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ADC Asma directs to release goods after payment of fine

ADC Asma directs to release goods after payment of fine

FAISALABAD: Collectorate of Customs Adjudication Additional Collector Asma Hameed has issued an Order in Original (ONO) in favor of the Customs Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) Jhang on 16-08.2019.

According to the details, ASO Jhang has confiscated foreign origin poppy seed 2500 kilograms, foreign origin Kaju 900 kilograms imported from Iran.

The ASO team carried out a raid near at Faisalabad road Jhang city and intercepted a truck bearing registration no: DGI-1765 loaded with smuggled goods worth Rs3 million.

Owner of items who was identified as Sheikh Asmat Ali failed to submit any relevant legal documents regarding the possession and transportation of foods items. The seizing agency confiscated the goods as per Section 16 18 of the Customs Act 1969 and forwarded the case to the Adjudication Department.

Later Shakeel Ahmed Khokhar advocate appeared and submitted power of attorney on behalf of owner appeared before Additional Collector Asma Hameed and submitted an affidavit to deal this case on behalf of the seized item and submitted a written request to release the seized smuggled item on payment of duty and taxes for summary adjudication. Meanwhile respondent has shown his willingness to pay duty and taxes which amounts to confession.

Asmaa Hameed issued Order-In-Original (ONO) No 17/2019 in favor of the federal government under section 156(1)90 of the Customs Act 1969. However the seizing agency shall ensures before release of the consignment that physical examination of the seized goods is conducted and goods are found to be fit for human consumption and the product has at least 50% of shelf life and the seizing agency shall ensure that all the documents required vide SRO 1067(1)/2017.

Further the seizing agency shall be completed responsible for handing over the goods to the lawful owner verification of their antecedent and particular of ownership.