Tuesday , October 27 2020
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ADC Amir Nawaz Hamid distributes work among among deputy, assistant collectors

KARACHI: Collectorate OF Customs Jinnah International Airport (JIAP) Additional Collector Amir Nawaz Hamid distributes work among following deputy and assistant collectors with immediate effect and until further orders:-

  1. Deputy Collector Ammara Durrani assigned work examination of AFU (Gerry, Shaheen, Royal, PIA & DHL), airline bonds, unaccompanied baggage (UAB), airline bonds, projects and coordination with donor agencies, PRV.
  2. Deputy Collector Sabir Jamal assigned work AFU (admin), Hqrs, HRD & Estt, cash & accounts branch, general branch, budget, transport, audit (external), law branch and FTO, examination of ICG sheds (Gerry, Shaheen, Royal, PIA an DHL), International Mail Office (IMO). Express Mail Service (EMS).
  3. Deputy Collector Ms. Marian Mehdi Raja assigned work AFU assessment (WeBOC and One-Customs), MIS, import section, refunds, recovery cell.
  4. Deputy Collector Tausif Aman Gurchani assigned work JIAP arrival, departure, administration, rummaging & patrolling. Duty Free Shops (DFS) & its warehouse, drug enforcement unit, canine unit, I&P branch, API, GTAS initiatives, FATF and all other matters related to JIAP.
  5. Assistant Collector Ms. Promela Jacob assigned work at AFU exports, cargo complex, MIS, bank guarantee cell, special bank group export rebate, airport cargo control unit (ACCU) and tasks related to AFU exports.
  6. Assistant Collector Jawad-ul-Hassan assigned work assessment of ICG & DHL (WeBOC and One-Customs), R&D, Internal Audit, State Warehouse, auction, bank guarantee (BG), manifest clearance department (MCD), PTA-WeBOC mobile devices issues, PM Portal Complaints.


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