Wednesday , July 8 2020
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Abu Dhabi court sentences Asian man in money laundering case

Abu Dhabi court sentences Asian man in money laundering case

ABU DHABI: The Abu Dhabi Appellate Court looked into a case of an Asian national who was charged with concealing Dhs246,500 at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. The court postponed the case to Dec.29 for the verdict.

Details of the case date back to a time when the suspect arrived at Abu Dhabi International Airport from his country, carrying a bag containing Dhs246,500 and did not report the amount to the relevant authorities. The amount is reportedly more than the maximum sum of money allowed to be carried into the country, which made the customs authorities suspect a case of money laundering.

The suspect explained that he took money from a relative, in good faith, and that he did not inform the concerned airport authorities about it because he was ignorant of the laws related to bringing money to the country. He indicated that he was a security guard, and that he could neither read nor write. The Court of First Instance had previously charged the suspect with money laundering and sentenced him to one month in jail for the offence of non-disclosure and ordered his deportation at the end of the prison term.

The defendant’s lawyer said the former had no criminal intent, because he was ignorant about the new disclosure rules, and could hardly tell whether non-disclosure was a crime or not.

The lawyer added that the suspect caused no damage, considering that the legislation only punishes a suspect who causes damage to the national economy or to the rights of others, in the future.

She also demanded exclusion of the money laundering charge, based on a report issued by the Unit of Money Laundering, which confirmed the good faith of the suspect, especially the fact that he had no criminal record.

She demanded the acquittal of the suspect and the cancellation of the verdict of the Court of First Instance, according to Article 211 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.