Tuesday , November 24 2020
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A fervent appeal for help



The Prime Minister,

Mian Nawaz Sharif


Respected Sir,


We, members of the importer community, are badly affected by the increase in Sales Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT) by 2 to 3per cent respectively.

The importers of the country are also facing multiple problems in terms of clearance of goods at different terminals, lack of efficiency in Customs Department, increase in freight rates due to a rise in the rates of POL products and depreciation of the Pak Rupee against the dollar.  All this will definitely increase the cost of doing business and of imported goods which will ultimately affect the common men.

I wish to bring to your notice the fact that the clearance at terminals is not managed properly and it usually takes 5 to 6 days despite an adequate number of customs officials and terminal operators. Because of lack of efficiency on the part of the customs and terminal staff we not only suffer mental agony but also tremendous financial loss.

Mr. Prime Minister, we know that your government is business friendly and taking steps to improve the business and investment climate in the country.  In view of this we appeal to you to take immediate notice of the difficulties the importers face in getting their goods cleared promptly and issue orders to the relevant authorities to solve our problems.


With profound regards,

Muhammad Arshad Jamal