Sunday , March 29 2020
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95% of Turkish blue collar workers want to live abroad

95% of Turkish blue collar workers want to live abroad

ANKARA: Some 94.12 percent of blue collar workers and intermediate employees in Turkey would live abroad if they have the chance, according to a study conducted by with the participation of 12,705 people.

Some 17.1 percent of respondents said they want to live in the United States, followed by Germany with 15.02 percent, Canada with 14.16 percent, Switzerland with 10.24 percent, and Italy with 9.52 percent.

The top reason cited for the respondents’ willingness to move abroad is their belief about finding better job opportunities and working conditions than they have in Turkey, according to the study.

Some 34.42 percent of respondents cited “better living standards,” followed by 11.93 percent citing “better educational and personal development opportunities” and 9.7 percent citing “better social environment and cultural structures.”

We see that the satisfaction level over working conditions has been falling among Turkish employees, mainly due to inefficient educational conditions, poor working conditions and economic uncertainties. A general belief that there are better conditions in developed countries has pushed many workers to want to move abroad if they have a chance. They believe that there are higher working hours, lower wage conditions and, most importantly, poorer working safety conditions in Turkey than in developed countries. These thoughts are much more common among young people,” said Executive Director Savaş Ünsal in a press release on Oct. 27.