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4 Australian executives reflect on the themes of 2018

Sydney : Tomorrow will mark the end of 2018.

And what better way to send off the year than to look back at the themes that defined the Australian business landscape.

We spoke to four successful executives to find out what they thought were the most pivotal moments for business over the last 12 months.

Here’s what they had to say.

I think it was the year that both Australians and governments realised that technology is not good or bad, but that’s its outcomes for us as citizens, society and the economy are determined by the humans who design the technology systems and what use they put the technology to.

I think it was the year that people and governments realised we all need to make conscious choices about the technology we use, the data we share and the platforms we participate in. Technology is the new world order and we now live in a global and interconnected world.

Technology driven, customer-first experiences are creating new markets, often bringing lower cost and better outcomes but at the same time, customers become more savvy and more cautious, in a good way.

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