Tuesday , September 29 2020
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3487 customs cases involving Rs20,160m still pending in courts

3487 customs cases involving Rs20,160m still pending in courts

ISLAMABAD: An amount of Rs20,160 million is still stuck up in customs legal cases in different courts due to legal hurdles.

According to Federal Board of Revenue customs wing, there are 3,487 cases pending at different levels in courts including the Supreme Court and High Courts.

The data showed that 207 cases related to Customs Islamabad, involving amount of Rs334 million are pending including 1 case in the Supreme Court, 99 cases involving amount of Rs159 million are pending in High Court, 59 cases involving Rs146 million are still pending in Customs Appellate Tribunal.

Moreover, 35 cases are pending before the special judge of customs court and 13 cases of Rs29 million are pending before the collector customs appeal.

Likewise 364 cases of Directorate General Customs Intelligence and Investigations involving total amount of Rs6,750 million are pending including 1 case of Rs3 million in the Supreme Court, 46 cases of Rs181 million at High Court, 65 cases of Rs4,642 before the Customs Appellate Tribunal, 176 cases at special judge customs, 3 cases of Rs1 million before collector customs appeal and 73 cases of Rs 1,923 million at adjudication level.

While 572 cases of Customs Preventive Lahore involving amount of Rs2,892 million including 5 cases of Rs10 million are pending in the Supreme Court, 145 cases of Rs 755 million before the High Court, 276 cases involving revenue of Rs 1,776 million in Customs Appellate Tribunal, 52 cases with court of Special Judge customs, 8 cases of Rs4 million with collector appeal and 84 cases of Rs.348 million before the adjudication.

The 106 cases of Customs Sialkot involving Rs13,82 and 603 cases of the Lahore appraisement involving Rs.3,770 million are also pending.