Thursday , October 1 2020
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Meeting held at KPT to discuss issues related to congestion

Meeting held at KPT to discuss issues related to congestion

KARACHI: Member National Assembly Maritime Standing Committee Abdul Qadir Patel chaired a high level coordination meeting at KPT head office to review progress made concerning parking issues of trucks around port areas.

According to the details, a meeting was called by Minister Maritime Affairs, Ali Haider Zaidi KPT Head Office which remained focused on finding solutions to resolve the traffic congestion problems being faced by the goods transporters on Maripur Road and Keamari Road due to traffic jams created by trucks and tankers.

Chairman KPT Rear Admiral (R) Jamil Akhtar HI(M) T.Bt while assuring complete support, also informed of the meetings held with transporters. He requested MNA Abdul Qadir Patel to seek approval of the provincial government for availability of sufficient land available along Lyari River for the purpose.

Abdul Qadir Patel informed the committees that Layari River embankment land has been declared as part of urban forest project. He further informed that he has convinced Minister Local Bodies Sindh, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah with regards to the importance of the said land for parking heavy good transport vehicles.

The Deputy Commissioner (DC) Mr. Fayyaz Solangi shared his presentation to pinpoint development issues of the said 11 acres land. It was also highlighted by the DC that the space will be able to accommodate around 600 trucks for parking. Chairman KPT Rear Admiral Jamil Akhtar suggested to take Traffic Engineers on board for a proper solution.

Port Terminal operators were also directed by Chairman KPT to make their trucking operations further efficient to ease traffic blockage on roads leading to the respective port areas. Another temporary parking area at South Wharf of KPT was also offered by Chairman KPT to ensure further relief for commuters on Keamari Road.

Qadir Patel and Chairman KPT agreed to expedite working on this issue in a way that parking space for heavy vehicles is available within one month. Federal Minister Maritime Affairs Mr. Ali Haider Zaidi will be given a detailed briefing on the progress in this regard on Monday, 3rd February 2020.