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$1.250b IT services exported in 5 years

$1.250b IT services exported in 5 years

LAHORE: The exports of Information Technology services have contributed $1.250 billion to national kitty during last five years.

The year-wise break-up showed that during 2008-09, IT exports were $201.903, during 2009-10 $204.763 million, during 2010-11 $235.334 million, during 2011-12 $273.814 million and exports touched 333.511 million mark during 2012-13.

According to State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) data, there are over 100 countries that are presently procuring IT services from Pakistan.

The United States is the major destination for exports of IT services from Pakistan accounting for over 40 percent of the exports.

The other major countries procuring IT services from Pakistan in order of exports are United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom  (UK), Netherlands, China, Bahrain, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Switzerland, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and South Korea. The Ministry has also set targets for exports of IT services for next five years which include $414.389 million for 2013-14,  $530.418 million for 2014-15, $689.543 for 2015-1630,  $910.197 million for 2016-17 and $1,229.738 million for 2017-18.

The total target for next five years is $3,774.285 million. There are 17 private enterprises in Pakistan which have achieved target of annual exports of IT services, exceeding one million US dollars, an export data reported to Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) by its member companies said.

With regard to steps being taken to attract foreign manufacturing companies of telecom sector for establishing manufacturing facilities in the country, the Ministry said provision of local manufacturing is incorporated in new policy directive for introduction of Next Generation Mobile Services in Pakistan.

The licensees of these services will encourage and facilitate local manufacturing, assembling and development of telecom equipment, applications, transfer of technology and Research & Innovation in Pakistan.

A provision regarding promotion of local manufacturing of telecom equipment in Pakistan, from part of the revenue generated by international incoming traffic, has been included in the policy directive of International Clearing House (ICH) Exchange.